About us

Alpaco Doors and Automations Ltd

Since its founding, Alpaco Doors & Automations Ltd had a vision, concrete objectives and above all true ethos.

Our vision is the continuous upgrading of our products and knowledge always striving for of the highest possible level.

Our objective is to never hand over a system to a customer which we ourselves would not accept to take over for our own personal use.

Our ethos is humbleness, consistency and reliability.

Hence our motto which equally addresses our customers, our staff and ourselves, the management of Alpaco, is: ‘Do your job properly’.

Doing the job properly means for us having the products and the knowledge to provide the customers with exactly what they need.

Doing the job properly means for the customers to be served and supplied with the right products which fulfill their needs.

Over the past years and because of always insisting on doing our job properly, we have managed to associate the word ‘Alpaco’ with the words ‘Automatic Door’ and our ultimate aim is to maintain that supremacy.

We are duly obliged to thank all those who have trusted and honored us by being our customers.

We promise to always adhere to our policy never to ‘sell’ for the sake of ‘selling’ and always to make sure that ‘the right product’ is always installed at ‘the right place’ with the absolute highest level of installation,  know-how and the absolute highest level of after sales service.